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Benjamin Campbell - 20 years old, Yorkshire born and bred, somehow ended up in Oxford. Writes a ridiculous amount of prose and poetry and some of it is almost good. Lives in this cluttered tumblr page amongst a variety of words, pictures and sounds, and occasionally makes sense of it all. Seeking like-minded individuals to add and remove clutter and perhaps stay for tea. I also write poetry on request for free! ------------------------------------ Creative Commons Licence
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A little table to how to get rid of all that negative self-talk. We have to learn look at the good in situations too, instead of dwelling on things we can’t change- because you know what? We may not be able to change what is happening but we CAN change how we view it! 

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17/4/2014 - Mars Rover
red rock and clouds of dust are all that stretch before me. craters and mountains wait to be counted and catalogued before my time is done, before dust obstructs my circuits and my body turns to rust - and so I soldier on across this terracotta world, unable to compute the meaning of the solitary tracks behind me. ———————————————————— “Oh, Mars,” said mighty Jupiter, “what have you gone and done? You know I don’t like pets, and on Olympus I’ll have none. Gods don’t have time for walking dogs and having vulgar fun.”
"Kind sir," Mars said, "please have a heart, this dog was much in pain. I saved his life - now he’s quite nice, and Rover is his name. Though he’s no wolf, I reckon that he’s easier to train.”
"Well, if you’ve named it, let it stay, your smile I can’t refuse. The Muses have been sad of late and this dog might amuse - but you’ll be dead if I receive  its muck upon my shoes.” ———————————————————— //:RETRIEVE.ID:opportunityrover01 //:ESTABLISH.IM.UPLINK ESTABLISHING… LINK ESTABLISHED IM AVAILABLE C: yo curiosity here O: yo dawg what up C: nt much mor craters lol O: ye man same here C: come meet O: sur were u at C: by ROCK04297XD# O: aight on route O: c u soon LINK TERMINATED //:RUN.PROGRAM:party.exe RUNNING… ‘PARTY’ ACTIVATED ROVER READY
                    - Benjamin Campbell

Author Gabriel García Márquez Dead at 87


Gabriel García Márquez, the legendary Colombian novelist whose book One Hundred Years of Solitude established him as a literary giant of 20th-century literature, died on Thursday in Mexico City. He was 87.

15/4/2014 - Octopus
Like an octopus I and many others like me spill our ink at the first sight of danger, a defence learned not from our parents but from an impulse of instinct, a primal urge bringing primal knowledge unbound, mechanisms of survival to shroud ourselves in black and disappear into the depths. ———————————————————— Miniature krakens washed up along the seafront, splayed still and ink-stained. ———————————————————— The island people tell legends of the octopus - they say that this universe is the last in a long line of broken worlds, and the octopus alone has survived them all. It hides, now, in the chasms of our oceans, called outcast or alien, the remnant of an unknown place that reminds us only of things we have no memory of.
                    - Benjamin Campbell

Reading Clean; Writing Dirty.


Fitness buffs may have heard the mantra, “Eat clean, train dirty.” It’s pretty straightforward, but for those of you who have zero familiarity with fitness fundamentals, it stands for the proposition that full body health entails a toxin free diet (e.g., trans fats, processed flour and sugars,…

Alright so this is one of the best damn things I’ve ever read on tumblr.