can't see the wood for the trees

Also known as Benjamin Campbell - 20 years old, Yorkshire born and bred, somehow ended up in Oxford. Writes a ridiculous amount of prose and poetry and some of it is almost good. Lives in this cluttered tumblr page with a variety of words, pictures and sounds, and occasionally makes sense of it all. Seeking like-minded individuals to add and remove clutter and perhaps stay for tea. Asks are always welcome. I also write poetry on request for free! Creative Commons Licence
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saturday, walking down hill. doors on meeting street, just before north main. oddly warm day. exactly a year of saturdays ago i’d been at a training at a building on campus and also taken a walk to the mall.  why who knows. this time, to find a charcoal grey. charcoal gray sweater for p.  which I did do. 

and thought about s and his three years. oddly warm in the freakishly changed climate. walking through the mall. looking.  listening.  hungry.  walk through the food court, plied with samples.  decision making avoided.  not hungry after the third tiny poultry thing on a toothpick with bonus running into people I’d never imagine to be at a mall at the mall.

and then labor and sweatshop and 40% off.  charcoal for him, a lighter shade of for me.  and walk to the tunnel and it’s hot and the bus and a disappointing cone from ben and jerry’s and a walk.

men. visiting.  musicians.  a luthier.  trainings all weekend.

exhaustion in my bones.  I write to a friend that i think I understand but then realize I don’t.  but maybe appreciate her days. so small a similarity but a glimpse into what it is to attend to the body and its unrelenting needs.

and sometimes touch.

Anonymous said: Hi do you follow people as promotion for your blog or bc you like their blog?

The latter, I’m not interesting in ‘promoting’ my blog or whatever. It’s not like I have anything to promote, I’m just venting my feeling with crappy poems.

However, I did recently change the way I find new followers. Previously I would wait until a saw a good reblog than painstakingly decide if I wanted to follow it or not, which took ages. Now I just open up posts I like (usually poems) and follow a bunch of the people that have liked the post. That way I find way more blogs than I would do, and if I end up not liking a blog I just unfollow. So that’s probably why I’ve got a bunch more followers myself recently, which is probably what prompted your question.

kiss-meh-senseless said: Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) ❤ o3o

Five is a lot, but here goes,
- dem blue eyes
- dat creative way of seeing
- dat passion
- dem clear life goals
- dat focus

I like that I’m ready to learn more, become more. I’m potential.