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Also known as Benjamin Campbell - 20 years old, Yorkshire born and bred, somehow ended up in Oxford. Writes a ridiculous amount of prose and poetry and some of it is almost good. Lives in this cluttered tumblr page with a variety of words, pictures and sounds, and occasionally makes sense of it all. Seeking like-minded individuals to add and remove clutter and perhaps stay for tea. Asks are always welcome. I also write poetry on request for free! Creative Commons Licence
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aplacewherenoonegoes said: Um so thanks for following me, that's really sweet. I really love the way you write poetry! I'm jealous of how lengthy your poems are, I always run out of things to say too quickly :) I hope you're having a good day, or I guess by now it's the evening... Thanks anyways.

It’s not about having something to say, it’s about the beauty of saying anything at all :)

17/10/2014 - Sunflower
Gentle flower of brightest gold,crowned with poems and praises toldof humble splendour past compare,of qualities unique and fair -how should I address thee, and singthe celebration of a king?For royal treatment you deserveon every edge and every curve,as on the throne of English fieldsyour family sits, and rightly wieldsour tender hearts, inclined to lovethis favourite plant of God above.Indeed, there’s none better suitedto claim such beauteous powerthan one so solidly rootedas you, excellent sunflower.————————————————————The sunflowers sighas the seasons change; their godalso waxes, wanes.————————————————————The sunflower standssurrounded by friendsall alike, all swayedby the self-same wind.Its field is the siteof a shared silence,where all the membersshiver in their rootsand stretch to the sun -yet is this flowernot always alone?Does it not seem sad,its complexion paleas it stands amidstits silent sisters?Can we truly say that though the bees flitaround the flowersin precious delight,that the flower knowsor cares what the beemay feel? For all ourscience, will the mindof loneliness stayunrecorded, unknown?
                    - Benjamin Campbell




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I feel like the “Finn without hat” picture doesn’t do justice to the reveal.

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Anonymous said: Prompt: sketchy things :)

Haha, good one.


I always told you
that I took up poetry
as a way to pass the time;
a hobby, I said,
and nothing more,
no search for something
deeper, or any
of that sentimental crap.
Like knitting, just
with words as my threads,
I said. Ironically,
I could never tell you
the real reason -
I started to write
just to try to talk
to you. Once
I was able to do it
without metaphors
and line breaks, but now
I seem to have lost
my way with words;
how can I talk
about love
and other such sketchy things
that linger beyond
our fingertips
without the crutch
of such a form?
This communication
is meant for you,
but I know
you can see
as little of it
as you can of me.


For Anonymous <3

artisticalyhaze said: Thanks for following me! Your writings! Amazing! :)))

Thanks :)